Coffee-lover alert

(Read: I am losing the plot or my coffee is so good that I have to write about it.)

In these hard times we’re living, we’re running out of coffee in the house. Drama. We’ve got a huge Tesco online delivery last night and forgot to order our absolute fav Nescafé Gold Instant Coffee. When this got me thinking that earlier this week I’ve ordered a new Dolce Gusto espresso machine (that is conveniently arriving with 128 coffees – winning!). My oldie of around 8 years is broken and I’ve been enjoying that after-lunch espresso too much to let it go.

I have never put much thought into my passion for coffee, but what we are not lacking nowadays is time to think and overthink, right? And… I’ve been drinking 3 coffees a day, religiously – 2 long instant coffees in the morning and an espresso after lunch.

And this morning I finally got confronted with the empty coffee pot. I decided to use one of the other methods I owe in this coffee paradise land.
I’ve used the french press for now – lovely for when you have the lovely blends from Costa Rica or Colombia coffee, or whatever you may prefer. And I am happily sipping it down and thought I would share.

I also own an italian espresso machine: my favorite thing about this one is how it works, I find it magical that the water comes up through the coffee and… the adorable smell it leaves in the open-kitchen-living-room area ❤

I have mentioned before (here) that if you are an avid coffee lover like me, I wouldn’t go out of my way to try the Luwak coffee in Bali – you’re welcome 🙂

As I said, I might have easily lost the plot, so give me a break.
⭐ If you found this minimally interesting I’d love to know if you are obsessed with coffee? What is your favorite type/brew? If you quit coffee I’d love to know why too.

(Leia-se: Queimei o neurónio ou o meu café está tão bom que eu tenho que escrever sobre isto.)

Para ajudar nesta fase complicada da nossa vida, estamos a acabar o café em casa. O drama, a tragédia. Recebemos ontem uma encomenda gigante do Tesco, que fizemos online e esquecemo-nos de adicionar o nosso Nescafé Gold instantâneo. Mas lembrei-me que mandei buscar uma Dolce Gusto (máquina de espressos) nova – que convenientemente vem com 128 cafés (yay). A que uso actualmente está partida e tenho confiado demasiado naquele espresso depois do almoço para esperar que ela um dia deixe de funcionar, de todo.

Nunca pensei tanto acerca de café, mas sejamos sinceros… se há coisa que não nos falta hoje em dia é tempo para pensar e repensar, certo? E… tenho bebido 3 cafés ao dia, religiosamente – 2 longos instantâneos de manhã e um espresso depois do almoço.

E esta manhã, finalmente, fui confrontada com o frasco do café vazio. Decidi usar um dos outros métodos que tenho para aqui nesta la la land do café (é o que gosto de pensar da minha cozinha).
Hoje usei o french press – é uma maravilha se usarem café mesmo bom da Costa Rica ou da Colombia, por exemplo. E estou, serenamente, a saboreá-lo e achei que devia partilhar com a blogosfera.

Também tenho uma máquina de italian espresso: a minha parte favorita é ver como funciona, continuo a achar mágico que a água sobe passando pelo café… e o cheirinho que me deixa na cozinha/sala ❤

Já que estamos neste assunto, mencionei antes (aqui) que se amam café, como eu, eu não ia propositadamente provar o Luwak Coffee em Bali – de nada 🙂

Comecei este post e volto a repetir, provavelmente queimei mesmo a pipoca – deixem-me em paz.
⭐ Se acharam isto minimamente interessante, eu gostava de saber se também são obcecados com café? Qual é o vosso tipo preferido? E se cortaram com o café da vossa vida, porquê?


14 thoughts on “Coffee-lover alert

    • Ana Carolina Sá says:

      Oh you see, there’s nothing else that goes on my dolce gusto rather than coffee pots – haha. I’m not even a fan of cappucinos and moca’s and all that. ❤

      Thanks for your comment xox


  1. glowsteady says:

    I adore coffee, the smell is so comforting, love the taste. It’s an essential part of my day – and always one of the first few things I add to my cart when I’m placing an order. I’m so sorry you ran out of your go-to – these times are hard enough without that trauma. I pretty much always use my Frenh press for my coffee at home x


    Liked by 1 person

    • Ana Carolina Sá says:

      Ohhhh what do you mean? If you want a suggestion add a cinnamon stick or a bit of sugar for sweetness and try something that is not super strong and well build like instant (not gold) coffee 🙂 let me know how it goes, Chloe.



  2. Beth says:

    I am soooo picky when it comes to coffee! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a fancy machine like you do, I just use the kettle and a jar of coffee aha. But I can taste the difference between cheap and expensive coffees just like that! My absolute one and only favourite is Kenco, nothing beats it. Nescafe is the next one down aha! Betty. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nancy says:

    Ooooh! I am a huge coffee fan. Your old coffee maker had a good run, hopefully the new one will last just as long or longer! It is great to be able to make your own coffee at home. I usually do a light roast chemex style. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. survivingmess says:

    I’ve become so use to drinking it every morning with sleepy eyes I don’t realise I have even finished my mug until a while after. But this morning I’ve took the time to appreciate it more. Every now and then I love using my coffee machine for a soya cappuccino xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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