#WFH – discovering your adaptability skills

Wow. I hope you’re having a beautiful and peaceful weekend. I feel that since the last time I’ve written, the rain hasn’t stopped falling – I lie, but that’s what it feels like.

The fiancé had a brilliant idea (I’m not being sarcastic here) on Friday evening: “why don’t we have 2 small workspaces in the house, rather than keep working on our dining table in the living room space?” It took a bit to go down but once I put some thought into it… I agreed 🙂 We’ve been put in this WFH situ where neither of us signed up for nor are used to.

If I have a meeting, he has to shush but if he’s got an unexpected call with a customer I have to run to my bedroom mid zoom meeting with my laptop in one hand and my water bottle/coffee/wine (depending the time of the day) on the other.

I’ve gone a bit crazy, any freaking excuse to use the wedding fund to make us happy right now. Drake says “laugh now, cry later”, right? 🙂 I digress…

We’ve looked into the desks, table lamps, keyboards, cute table plant pots. Had an IKEA trip that was a downer as our fav desks are only available from November but got tons of cute bits to decorate the desks ❤

I’m looking forward to this new Working From Home phase, as it looks like it’s going to take a while. Stay safe and have a good week x



Bem… espero que o vosso fim-de-semana esteja a ser calmo e feliz. Eu sinto que desde a última vez que escrevi ainda não parou de chover – mentira. Tem estado tão terrível que assim parece.

O noivo teve uma ideia fantástica na sexta-feira (e não estou a ser sarcástica): e porque não fazer 2 mini escritórios para trabalharmos separadamente em vez de todos os dias arrastar a mesa de jantar para o meio da zona de estar?”. Eu ainda demorei um bocadinho a processar, mas depois de interiorizar… concordei 🙂 Nós fomos postos nesta situação de trabalhar de casa em que nenhum de nós imaginou ou está habituado.

Se eu estou numa reunião ele tem que ficar caladinho, mas se ele tem uma chamada inesperada de um cliente, eu tenho que correr para o quarto no meio da reunião no zoom, com o computador numa mão e a minha garrafa de água/café/copo de vinho (dependendo da altura do dia) na outra.

Nisto perdi a cabeça! Podemos usar qualquer desculpa para mexer nos fundos poupados para a boda só por um bocadinho de felicidade neste momento. Como o Drake diz: “ri agora, chora depois”, não é? 🙂 Estou a dispersar…

Encomendamos as secretárias, comprámos candeeiros, teclados, plantinhas para decorar. Infelizmente ontem quando fomos ao IKEA as mesas não estavam disponíveis – mas esperamos pacientemente até Novembro. Ainda assim trouxemos para casa umas coisas giras ❤

Estou mesmo entusiasmada para esta nova etapa do Working From Home, já que parece que vai durar mais um bocado. Mantenham-se seguros e tenham uma óptima semana x

11 thoughts on “#WFH – discovering your adaptability skills

  1. glowsteady says:

    I work from home all the time so this year hasn’t caused too many changes for me in that sense but I do think a designated work area is really helpful. I hope you have fun setting yours up when you get your hands on the desks! x

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    • Ana Carolina Sá says:

      yeyyyy! I cannot wait for having the desks, to be honest! I’ve spent the past 7 months envying everyone that had space for a home office without even thinking that it’s actually also doable here 🙂 thank you very much for your lovely words xx


  2. Chloe Chats says:

    I’ve also had to get used to working from home this year! Now it’s been 8 months I’m quite used to it and kind of don’t want to go back into the office! But I know what you mean about having to share a space with someone. I only live in a small flat with my boyfriend so we both sit at separate desks in the lounge but when we’re both on phone calls it does get annoying for us both haha. Hope you have fun setting up your desks when you get them! x

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    • Ana Carolina Sá says:

      I know, it’s crazy – 7 months for me 😦 I miss the people in the office, this is why I’d like to go back 😦 but obviously do not feel secure enough to do so. Haha I will! I’ll share pictures and stories, I bet we’ll have many. Thank you for your lovely comment xx


  3. Hayley says:

    It will be so worth investing in creating yourself small workspaces and may help with getting into that ‘work’ frame of mind. It’s like if you were to work on a laptop from your bed, chances are you are going to start feeling sleepy and not get the best out of your day! Would love to see some pics when you’re finished!

    Hayley || hayleyxmartin

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ana Carolina Sá says:

      Completely agree! It’s all about the mindset too, and having two office spaces helps heaps. Thank you for your lovely words, Hayley. Stay tuned, pictures are coming this week. Or follow my Instagram, I’ve posted some there ❤ x


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